Embrace Your Vision & Trust The Process…

You found your passion, you are embracing your purpose now what?? You wonder what do you do next? Let me tell you what your first step should be, just get to work. You may say well yes I know this,believe me it’s harder than you may think. It seems that once you have acknowledged the very thing that brings you joy and passion everything comes at you and you begin to question if you have the strength to continue on. 

Though you may have to face challenges that will shape your destiny you can’t give in to the circumstances, you have to trust the process. The process is what gives you substance and a foundation to stand on.

Hold to your vision, never forfeit your dreams because the process to get to your future seems to much to handle, because the reward for walking in your assignment is far greater than the process that was created to stop you from reaching the place that you were predestined to 

Your vision cannot be seen, if your sight never endured the process…~ AngieH


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