Lead In Your Purpose…

To dream is life’s way of telling you that there is a purpose for your life that is bigger than your current state. Do you have a vision that you can’t seem to shake, no matter how you feel about it or even if you think you are qualified to carry it out, the vision just  want seem to go away?

This is when you realize that your life’s design was created to impact and empower others in some way and it will take for you to accept and execute a plan of action in order to be effective in it.

First you have to know that you are greater than the negatives you were told  or that you feel about yourself.  Know that you are qualified to fulfill your destiny. Your thoughts and vision will not die inside of you. Once you have done this then you will be able to lead and master everything assigned to you.

While you sit and doubt your dreams and visions there are someone somewhere stuck in  neutral because they have no one to relate to, no one that is an example of the very thing that is locked inside of them. 

Our purpose in life is not for us alone it was created to help someone else along the way. So while you holding your purpose hostage know that you are not only stunting your growth, but you could be stopping the birth of destiny in someone else.

To lead in your purpose requires that you acknowledge that there is a need for everything  you have locked inside..~AngieH 


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