Image or Reflection?? That Is The Question…

Have you ever sat down and thought about your image, put a lot of time in what you wear, how each piece fit together to create the perfect look. Or have you put extra time into your appearance because you didn’t want to go out looking less than your best because ruining your image is not an option for you.

Now I must admit that I take pride in the way I look, from selecting the outfit to compliment my shoes. You know that shoes are a very big deal 😄. 

As I get older and wiser I not only see the importance in my image, I see the value in my reflection. I’m sure you thinking what is she talking about 🤔. Your reflection starts inside and it flows out. Ever came in contact with someone that looks amazing in every way, then they spoke and their attitude took away from the beauty, because their trueself shined a little brighter than what you saw.

This is when you change your whole opinion of the person you thought seemed to be an amazing person to get to know. It is very important that your reflection shines brighter than the image you display. Your reflection and image should look the same. What is alive on the inside should look the same on the outside.

How can you be two people at once because sooner or later the true you will shine through because your reflection will eventually become brighter than the image you have on display. It is important to be the true you inside and out, because the people that are meant for you will accept you and you want have to change the design of you to fit in.

Your image is only the outward reflection of the beauty  that lives inside of you..~ AngieH 


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