Why Set Resolutions, When You Can Complete Goals??

Every year we set out to make resolutions, we go full force in planning and telling ourselves this is the year that I will be better than before. New year new me the famous lines that we all say.

It seams that as the years change we have the epiphany that hey I need to do something different. Wouldn’t it be so much easier for us if we worked every day to be better versions of ourselves. We wouldn’t have to sit down to make out resolutions that may only last 2 months and  that’s  if we are focused.

It seems that when you write “RESOULTIONS” at the top of your plans for the coming year, it seems that this one statement curses the all the things you want to accomplish.

When we sent down and think for a moment, to have goals is a foundation of things that can set the tone for accomplishments you want to complete. It’s good to resolve unfinished things in your life, but what if you set down to think of the things that you want to achieve and you make up in your that no matter how long it takes you will work hard until you obtain it.

When we approach each day with a new mindset even in the tough times we will be motivated to finish what we have started. The key to completion is to change the inner talks you have with yourself and ensuring yourself that no matter what it looks like We Will Win” So no more resolutions we will commit to finishing our goals.

even when you don’t see how it will work, keep pushing and know that your goals are only unrealistic to the people that fail to see the beauty in your vision~AngieH 


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