The Evolution Of You…

I want to expand. I want to reach more people. I want to change the world, but can I please do it inside of my bubble, it’s easier for me this way…

How many times do you see things around you and know exactly what you could do to fix it. you have so many ideas to impact and empower, you know the people that you would to meet and partner with to be the change you want to see. 

Then you allow the seeds of doubt to creep into your thoughts, seep out of mouth and become planted in your heart. Now your major plans have slowly become just a thought put to the side.

Why you may wonder, it’s because you know in order to do what is needed it will require you to do something new. You may even have to reflect on the parts of you that you have hidden, and then someone may realize you too are human and not all put together.

We hide in our cocoons and never realizing the the cocoon is a temporary place, designed to transform you from past to purpose. so often we try to stay in our cocoons to long and we get to comfortable and the aspect of change terrifies us to the point of paralization. We get stuck and want move and this causes us to miss the opportunity to grow. We miss the things that are vital to us because we don’t want to reach beyond a place that is familar so we settle for what we know,never working on what is needed.

 in order to be present in your purpose you have to be transformed from your past, and much like the butterfly there has to be an evolution in order for you to embrace the “you” that you were created to be…~AngieH


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