Watch Your Connection!!

We are all connected to people for different reasons. We may have known them all our lives, we may have just met them. No matter how you are connected we must always check to see what kind of connection we have.

Does this person push us beyond our comfort zone, do they find ways for us all to be the best version of ourselves. Can they be counted on when we need them the most. These are the reflection of a strong connection.

Then you have those people that only want to take what you can give to make them successful, they never look at you as a team mate, just as a power source to Jumpstart their plans for life. These people leave you drained, and cause you to run on empty. You constantly have to recharge them, push them into their greater. All the time you’re  losing power.

You have to be mindful of your connection and check the source often, if you find the you are giving out more power and becoming weak in your own connection, then it’s time to disconnect and replug into a source that has more juice.

Watch your connections because connecting to the wrong source could cause you to lose power…


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