Step Forward It’s Time To Shine…

So many of us are natural supporters. We give of ourselves unselfishly because to see others win to us is even greater than winning ourselves. We will dig in deep for others, whatever is needed we will do, even if it causes us to not move forward.

We become the catalyst to the dreams of others so much so that  we lose sight of the vision inside of us. We adapt to being the support because if they win so will we. 

Well it’s time to step forward and put the work into ourselves. It’s time to work the gifts we are giving. This doesn’t mean that we have to stop supporting others. We now have to begin to put even more effort into our own dreams. No everyone won’t give you the same support, no they will not cheer loudly when you win, yes they may walk away because you are not available, but the key is to not allow your passion to die because someone may need the very thing you have to offer.

So while you are supporting others don’t forget about you, don’t lose sight of the thing that gives you joy because that could be the gift that makes room for you.

So Step Forward It’s Time To Shine~AngieH 


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