Don’t Be A Hostage To Your Mistakes…


One thing that we all have is a past. Those things that we have done that we may not be happy about. Those moments in life that our choices caused us pain or landed us in some type of trouble. Moments in life that we wish we could take back…

Take a moment and think about who you are at this point. Think on the things they got you to where you are. Many times we allow people and the pressure of life to hold us hostage in our past.

The mistakes and our choices got us to this point, there were lessons to be learned. If the
You never fall down how will you know what it’s like to get up. If you never went down a dark road how would you know what standing in the light feels like.

Though many people will keep a tally of your mistakes,even point out the cloudy days of your past to ensure it stays in your view. Its up to you not to allow it to trap you and keep you from who and what you should be.

Yes you will not be happy with your choices, you will make other mistakes as you continue to live, the key is to not let it consume you and cause you to miss what has been set aside for you.

There has to be materials in order to have substance,and without your past there is nothing to hold your  purpose together.~AngieH


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