Plant The Seeds, and Watch Them Grow…


Your Value Only Decreases When You Forget Your Worth~AngieH

So often we go through life taking parts of what we were taught as a guide to where we will be. Some things were good and some were bad, but no matter the lesson it is  vital in are growth.

As I watch this generation of young ladies I notice one thing, that some are not aware of how precious the skin their in truly is.

In a time now where it is more popular to follow than to lead, a time where you lose your idenity because it is better to blend in than to stand out. A place where you are accepted when you do as others do, and not what feels great to you.

It is very clear that we as adults need to sow better seeds within our young ladies. We need to show them that they can impact the world by being just who they are. That there are Queens inside of them that need to be protected and loved in order for her to grow.

There is nothing wrong with valuing and loving who you are, because who you are is needed in a world full of people that may be lost. Never compromise who you are, because others are trapped in a box that you don’t belong in. Don’t blend in when you were created to stand out.
Never apologize demanding what you deserve,  because understanding your worth increases your value.


17 thoughts on “Plant The Seeds, and Watch Them Grow…

  1. This is a message we all need, especially when we have daughters that need a little reminder of how awesome and special they truly are. Thanks for the beautiful post! I hope a lot of young girls read this.

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