The Top is Off, Now Get Out The Box


How many times have you thought about doing something new. Only to stop because you are afraid of how others will see you. Do you keep yourself in the what “IF” box? The box the simply causes you to keep your contents and your gifts and never allow yourself to fulfill your destiny.

The box the holds the;
What if I fail
What if I lose it all
What if no one likes what I have to offer
These are the toxic contents of the box that hinders your growth.

When you are working towards your purpose, the top to your box had been removed, but because you are paralyzed by the what if’s you hold yourself back, never really  realizing that your are free to fulfill your purpose without explanation.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to please others that we forget about what we want, what we deserve and what is within us that someone else may need.
All it takes is for you to look up and realize the top is off, and the only keeping you from your destiny is your decision to stay or climb out of the box.


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