Are You Living Your Dream???


Happy MLK Day…

As we take today to reflect on where we were and where we hope to be. Ask yourself are you living out your dream or are you just living?

So often we will forget about our passions, our hopes, and our dreams because we get caught in the circle of life. We lose sight of who we want to become, because we fear that others will not stand with us or even support the visions we may have been giving.

So many people have fought and even died for the freedom of our dreams, yet we still allow ourselves to be trapped and in the boxes that others place us in. As if we fear our own greatness. To many people have believed in our dreams and fought to keep them alive, yet we are allowing them die within us.

it’s time to live out your  desires. It’s time to put your dreams in motion because it’s not about what others feel about you, it’s about the faith you have in yourself.

It’s never to late to live out your dreams,but you have to determine when you will start.

Live out loud,and become the change you want to see.


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