Your Mindset, Your Freedom…..


So often when the new year approches, we begin to make resolutions. We begin with the famous phrase “A New Year, A New Me” this is a good thing because as we know change is good, change can make your life better if you want it too.

Sit and think for a moment, how can change be most effective in your life if you have never removed the old that consumes you. Change is about doing something new, it’s about the release of what was, to embrace what’s to be.

You cannot take the past with you into your new, you cannot expect everything around you to be new and different, when you are still doing the same things.

To fully experience the new you, there has to be a change in your mindset, you must first filter out your thoughts if you ever want to be effective in the change you want to see.

You hold the key to your change, but your mind has to unlock it. Don’t get so caught up in your past that you become trapped, and you can’t fully be the new you that you seek.

Many times we start out good on our road to change, then we fall back into the familiar. This is because we never changed the thought process concerning our lives. You can’t expect new results, doing the same tasks.

Remember as you walk strong into the new year your thoughts must match your purpose. You can’t reach your destiny being held hostage in your past.


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