Conquer The Battle Within


Where do we find the strength to fight all things that we see? How can we stand strong in battle of the storms we have to face? Then the single battle within we can not seem to shake.

Many times it’s that reflection of self that gives us pause. Having to dig deep and face our shortcomings makes us afraid. We often want to have it together, we want the world to see am the image of perfection, because we don’t want to feel weak and ashamed. So we mask and cover the inward battle.

The only true way to win the war of “SELF” is to begin to fight each battle that has taking root in your life. We are not a perfect people, but we should strive to be better, and the only way to fully be the best you, is to acknowledge the you that needs work.

It’s easy to see the battlefield in front of you, but it takes strength to conquer the unseen, untouched territory you have neglected.

Take inventory of self, and prepare for war because the only true way to be the best you, is to conquer the battle within.


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