Take The Time To Flashback


Flash back is mentally going back to a time earlier than where you are today.

So often we get so distracted and caught up in where we are in life. We focus our time on the things that we need to fix right now. That we forget about all the other times that we have won. We lose sight that if we made it before we will make it again.

We need to sometimes take a moment to flashback and look on a time when we we’re in difficult situations, yet we made it. We need to look at how far we have come. We need to remember what strength it took to get to our now.

Know the difference between living in the past and flashing back to remind ourselves what it took to get where we are.

When you feel that you are losing focus on how far you have come just take a moment to flashback and be encouraged that you have overcome much bigger obstacles and was victorious.


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