Your Complaints, Should Never Outweigh Your Prayers


When we get into our relationships, things are fun, fresh and new. So we over look many things, because we are getting to know each other. As time moves on we begin to complain about that very thing we ignored.

We begin to bring to light the hidden areas we tried so hard to hide. We sometimes find ourself complaining about everything we find wrong. We complain to our mate, we complain to friends. To a point that our complaining outweighs our praying.

It is so easy for us to say what’s wrong, instead of trying to find what’s right. It’s as if we fear exposure of our own issues, or as if someone will come with their own complaints.

This is why it is wise to pray more and complain less. It starts with wanting to have a better relationship, it starts with a sincere heart. Some people are so use to chaos that they are uncomfortable living in peace.

One thing about prayer it works, you just have to determine if you want the change that will occur.

Pray more complain less and embrace the results.


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