You Prayed, Asked, but are you ready to move


Many times we are seeking advice and approval from others, not for the truth but for agreement. We know deep down the answer to our questions but we still want someone else to tell us it’s ok to stay in the mess we are in.

One thing about prayers they will reveal the truth, even if hard to hear. That true friend will give you the truth no matter how tough it may be for them to do so.

What we do with that truth is totally up to us. Are we ready to act on the truth once it’s giving, or will we become hurt when it doesn’t come the way we wanted it.

We have to search our selves first to see if we are ready to move once the truth is giving, there is no need to ask for truths we are not willing to act on. Even in a dark space truth is the light, and in order for us to see we have to accept what we know is right.

So before we commit to advice and prayer make sure we are ready for the answers we never wanted to deal with.


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