Raise Your Standards, & Stick To It


Standards is something that we all should have. It is our safe haven, its our protection from the negative influences that can come from negative people.

Though it is so easy for people to lower their standards to accommodate others, Instead of making others rise to meet them. You should always look at yourself as a,rare gem. As a gem you know that everyone will not be able to afford.

Never look at your standards as being to high because then this will cause you to lower them and not understand your worth. Anyone that wants to be with you understands how much you mean to you, and would want to meet you right where you are.

On the other hand never have standards that are unreachable out of fear or based on past experience. With each relationship you should learn, but never allow it to cause you to stand  in the shadows of love because you fear for the worse.

Raise your standards and stick with it because at the end of it all its about your happiness and that starts with you.


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