Your Worth Determines, Your Tolerance


Worth is very important to us all. Once we take the time to know how valuable we are, and that it is an honor for anyone to share our time and space, we will not allow anyone to take us for granted.

Many times we will slowly let different things go in a relationship, things that may start off small but quickly change the dynamics of your relationship. We begin to decrease are value, which will change our worth.

You have to always demand respect in any relationship, you have to know that you do not have to accept all that is giving, if it means settling for less than what you deserve.

So often we want to be with someone that we will take what is giving, instead of what is deserved. Don’t tolerate the things that you know you don’t deserve.
Remember that you are worth the best of everything, and giving it away will only decrease your value and cause you to lose focus on your worth.

Never compromise your value just to be connected to a person that doesn’t want to discover your worth.


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