Know When Growth Requires Movement


As you continue to live you should continue to grow. You should work daily to be a better you. The way you see things, the things you do should cause you to grow, with no desire to stay the same.

As you grow you should want to move. You should not feel comfortable with growth but continue to stay in the same place. Though moving is hard, when you have outgrown certain areas of your life, you have to move because it will no longer feel comfortable.

This is true in relationships, when you find yourself growing at different paces, or you find that the things that hold you together no longer sustain you, you have to decide to stay or move forward. Growth and elevating in a positive way,can help with moving forward as long as you remain positive.

Never allow your growth to cause you to look down on others because they have not reach where you are going, or because you no longer fit in the same mold.

In order to move you have to be willing to accept growth and change that comes with the elevation.


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