One Vision, One Focus


When you are  getting to know our mates we take the time to know everything about them. Their likes and dislikes, what we need to do to be happy in our relationship.

How often do we sit down and find out what is the vision of the relationship. Where should the focus lie. So many times we put everything ahead of finding out what direction we want to relationship to go. What do we want to build together.

Yes we have our individual goals and plans in place things that we want to accomplish. Do we have the outline set for the what we want as a couple. Are we focused on the completion of our personal agenda that we forget to build on the vision of our unions.

Never lose sight of your self, but also remember to focus on the visions of your relationship.


2 thoughts on “One Vision, One Focus

  1. This is something that I remind myself on the daily. Although I am a SAHM, I am not going to be one forever so I am building my brand so my family has something to look forward to. Focus…and my vision for myself and my family is my main priority.

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