What Do You Draw…


When we connect ourselves to other people, there are reasons we are with them. It could be we are related or even share the same interests. Have you ever taking time out to do inventory of the people you are associated with. Have you seen how they impact or influence your life. When you take the time out to check your surroundings you will then be able to see how your environment effects your relationships.

You may even be wondering how does my family or even my friends affect my relationship. We seem to be drawn to the same people and because of this it can affect our relationships in a good or bad way. Think about it someone that only has drama and negativity in their life will gravitate to that same type of dysfunction in their relationships. You have to look at what you allow in your space to see the things that you may carry with you.

Positive people birth positive relationships. Even if you are the only one that is positive you will not stay in chaos because of your  desire  to be happy. When you are in a relationship take a look and see exactly what it is that you draw. This will help determine the dynamics of your relationship.


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