You Let Go, But Can You Unite


We have such a need and desire to be connected or to become one with another. We want to share our time and space with someone else. We get into relationship with hopes that they will last forever, only to realize a lifetime was not in the plan. So you find yourself in an ended relationship.

So where do you go from here, what happend next. Once you feel you have gotten over the hurts of relationship’s end. Do you jump head first into what appears to be your next best thing?  Do you take your time? Or do you give up on love?

Many times you find that people will go right into something else, because of the desire to be loved, and to feed the hunger to not be lonely. Never taking time out to heal, and process what has happened. So they carry baggage with them into a place that has no room, which causes clutter in the new relationship.

You have to take time to think of you. Yes you have that desire, yes you have a need, but have you fully prepared your mind,body, or soul to be united. Are you ready to live beyond your past? Can you check the baggage of your past relationships and the entrance of the new?  Can you examine your faults and personal error in old relationships before trying to give yourself to another.

You have to be willing to be free in who you are, and opened to the new if you don’t want to bring a tainted heart into a fresh start. Until you free yourself you can not fully unite with another. So always put you first if you are to get what you truly deserve.


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