Fighting Through The “Routine”


Routine is that thing that you constantly do, over and over again without fail. Now in many areas of our lives having a routine is needed.

Think back for a moment. In the beginning of your relationship, that moment getting to know each other. You took time out to face new challenges, try new things to keep the spark in your relationship. You were more willing to fight through the normal in order to keep love alive. There was something refreshing in the newness of your union.

Then as the months pass, maybe even the years you slowly find yourselves settling into the “routine” your spark begins to fizzle. The love doesn’t always change, life happens and you find yourself in a a routine that may have changed the dynamics of your beginning into your now . Even though you are happy you don’t have the time to give way to the extra.

Well there is hope, you have to be willing to fight through the routine. Live beyond the normal. It is so easy to get comfortable and lose our desire for adventure in our relationship.

The key is to never allow life to interfere and cause you to stop the adventure and discovering the new in your relationship each day.

So live beyond the routine and embrace the radical in your relationship.


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