Don’t Stop the Dates, because you said “I Do”


Oh do you remember the dating phase of your relationship, when you had fun, you enjoyed impressing your significant other. You did so many different things together. You couldn’t wait for your date night, because you had no clue what to expect, but you knew whatever it was it will be great because you would be in the presence of that special someone.

Then you get married and you vow to never change. Only to see that real life happens and you have to be realistic. You slowly detach yourself away from that very thing that connected you. I can agree with this once life happened the dates slowed and it was amazing feeling to get one moment of together time.
We have to take the time out to steal those moments together to date each other. We have to keep the fire burning inside. It is so easy to forget the things that keep your attention, and you lose focus on what made you one in the beginning.

Never let the dates die, it doesn’t have to mean leaving out of the house or even spending money it’s about that one on one time. Try creating a date jar where you with both of your desires this way you can have a balance between what you both like. No matter what happens day to day always find time to date it will make a difference in your future.


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