Detox the toxic


So often we will find ourselves giving our hearts to the unworthy. Or we decide to attach ourselves to people that we know are not capable of providing us with what we need or even what we deserve. Instead of finding the courage to be free, we allow ourselves to be bound to a relationship that deminishes who we are.

We find that we have entangled ourselves in toxic waste dumps that appear to be relationships. The more we engage the more the toxins eat away at our very being. Once we have mentally connected to that being we lose focus and we feel that this is normal, we ignore our mind and spirit as it warns us that what we are doing is actually hazardous to our health.

So what do you do? Where to you turn? You look deep within, you seek God for guidance, then you detox the toxic. You remove the chemical dependants of what you feel is love and replace it with truth, worth and  the wisdom to know that God is love and he is able to send you what is needed in order for you to grow.

Detoxification isn’t an easy process but it is needed when you are determine to make someone respect the value and greater of that which you were called.

Remove yourself from the toxic waste dump if you want to move beyond your now.


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