Communication The Weight Lifter


We have all heard the saying, “communication is key” yet we still find ourselves talking more than we actually take time to communicate.

The difference is when you’re talking there is no emotional connection because you really don’t think of the effect it may have on others. You may not even care of the outcome when your talk is done, there is no guarantee that you are fully listening to the words that are being said.

When you take the time to communicate you are opening yourself up to fully listen, to take in all that is being said in order to reach an outcome that pleases both of you.

I know for me communication is a skill that I had to develop and something that I find myself relapsing on from time to time. It is so much easier to talk and walk away than to have to actually take time to possibly see another point of view.

In our beginning I was so independent that he couldn’t tell me nothing, I know what needs to be,done and that’s took time to know the difference.

Think if you are talking at someone what results are you really getting. When you communicate the outcome of changes are greater.

No matter if you are married, dating you have to be able to communicate because talking is like a thorn ready to choke the life out of your relationship.


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