Representives Not Accepted


Many times when we are starting a new relationship we will try to do all we can to make a great first impression. Which is always great. What we need to ensure is that we are being are selves and not sending out our representative.

There should never be a point in time when you are sharing your space and time with someone and you can’t be yourself.

Never allow someone to place the real you in a box to make them feel better in the relationship. You have to show the real you if you are to be accepted as the jewel God has created.

The most hurtful thing is to find out that a person you have open yourself up to is not who they say they are.

A falsified blueprint will never be greater than the original. choosing to be you fully is better thank building on a lie and losing out on what truly lies within.

Opening up about your wants and desires as well as being the real you will establish a foundation not easily shaken by the turbalance of this world.

No representative accepted…only the true you need to apply…


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