Have You Been Evicted From Your Happy Place?


In relationships no matter what kind they are, there will be some good days, some great days and even some bad days. Though we may feel that are happiness should come from the relationship, we have to realize that though being with someone brings happy moments, true happiness  comes from within.

One thing we need to remember is it is not someone else job to keep us happy we have to be able to find our own happy place in a world of chaos and confusion. We can’t be dependent on others to help us reach a place that gives us joy and peace.

When we give the power of our happiness to others, we run the risk of being evicted from our happy place. How can someone take up residence in a place that belong to us?

In a world that is ever changing, and with us encountering many different challenges in life and relationship we have to hold on to our peace, and that is something that is found with in. This is something that we have to be determined to keep even when we feel that it can’t make it.

Your Happy Place is anywhere you find joy, that no matter what comes your way in this place everything feels better, your heart is safe,your strength is renewable, your joy is permanent. The key is to never be evicted from this place because it is all yours and never let anyone take it from you.

Don’t allow life’s struggles to remove you from a place that was created just for you, happy is a state of mind and as long as you think it, you can have it.


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