It’s Called Single Not Compromise


For some reason many people will see a person that is single and assume that they are lonely. They feel that there is no way that they are happy not being  in a relationship. We all have a desire to share our time and space with someone else. We want to journey through life with our help mates. We desire that support system in our good or bad times.

So often we allow our desire to cloud our perception of who we allow in our space. We feel that if we just have someone all else will fall in place. We may even give 90 percent and accept 10 percent just because we feel if I am with them they will eventually give me what I need.

Just because you are single why should you compromise who you are. Why should you accept a piece of your dream when God has given you a vision.

In order to fully manifest your true desire you have to first shift your mind from lonely to worthy. When you place value on your heart you will understand that accepting anything less than what you deserve will compromise who you are created to be.

it’s not until you fully fall in love with you, that you will be equipped enough to find or be found by the mate that has been set apart for you.

why would you continue to waste your most valuable possessions of love and time on someone that has only come in for benefits, and to empty your love tank, so that you have nothing left. Then you are empty and confused.  You constantly giving away all you have because you think that your affection alone will be enough to change their hearts.

A person knows what and who they want and if you have to constantly prove yourself or accept less than what you are worth. Then you have compromised your heart for the sake of not being lonely.

Falling in love with you means you raise the standard of your time and energy and you understand that you are worth all God has promised and being single puts you in a position to receive it.


14 thoughts on “It’s Called Single Not Compromise

  1. There’s definitely nothing wrong with being single. I’ve always been the picky type. So happens that I met my husband in college and have been together since. But prior to that, I’ve dated here and there but nothing serious. Better to save your energy and time for someone worthwhile.


  2. Great post! I love your comments on this. Nothing wrong with being single; and being happy in the place you are will only make you more beautiful and attractive to anyone looking over at you! 🙂


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