A Reflective Conversation


When we enter into relationships, we sometime think that we are the key to the person’s change. We think that I am good enough to make this person change for the better. Never really taking the time to have a reflective conversation with ourselves. We have to sit and talk to the man or women in the mirror. We have to take a look at ourselves to see if we are worth changing for. One thing that God gives us all is free will the power to make our own decisions. We cannot make others change who they are they have to be willing to make a change in themselves.

You can talk all day about how a person need to change but if you are not taking the time to see if there is things in you that are worth changing for, you can expect resistance in the process. So many times we see the greatest potential in our mates that we will go about wanting them to change the wrong way. We will begin to talk at them instead of to them. We tell them what they need to do to be better and never taking the time to ask them what we can do to assist them in their journey to the better that is within them.

I know that I had to take a look at my approach, with my husband. I use to tell him what he needed to do, how he needed to act in order to be a better man. Ha as if I had the power of God to change this grown man. Then I sat and had a reflective conversation with myself. To see if I was even worth changing for. Why would a person change for someone that hasn’t put for the effort to change themselves?


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