The Baggage Claim

We all have a need and desire to be connected to someone outside of the family we were born into. This is a natural part of each of us.
In the midst of getting to know one another, in the progression of the relationship we never seem to realize how heavy the baggage is that we are carrying. We do not take time to reflect on the hurt, disappointment, even the failures within our previous relationships. So we store it in a bag as if putting it away deals with the issues inside. We carry our bags into every relationship, and in some cases adding even more pieces to our luggage.

Then we finally get it right, we are blessed with the right one. So this is where we feel we can unload these bags at no charge. We feel well they wanted me they knew about all I been through. They need to accept all of me baggage and all.

Now there are things in our lives that will be removed when you  find your mate but let’s be honest after a couple of bags the airline will even charge you. So how can we expect our mate to take responsibility for bags they have no clue about or even help us pack.

Coming from broken relationships, before marriage and  coming out of an abusive relationship, my poor husband got an overload of luggage. I thought well we together so he need to help me carry them. I would begin to argue and fuss about things he never did, just in case he thought about it.
We do learn from each relationship, there is a purpose for what we may endure, but it’s not until you take time to learn the lesson and unpack the suitcase will you not be totally available to the blessing in front of you.

We are not conditioned enough to carry excessive weight, so why not pack lightly and move freely.

Before you are able to walk in God’s design for your life you have to first allow him to remove the baggage you posses. This is the only true way to love without pause.



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